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Jerome Rothenberg: Die Lorca-Variationen (XXVII) - Zoroaster

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"After translating Lorca's series of poems "The Suites" I began to compose a series of poems of my own (“variations”) that draw systematically on vocabulary, especially nouns and adjectives, from my translations of the Suites, but rearrange them in a variety of ways. The methods used resemble chance operations but with a margin of flexibility, with total freedom in the case of verbs and adverbs, with occasional addresses to Lorca himself imbedded in them. The result isn’t translation or imitation in any narrow sense, but yet another way of making poetry – and for me at least, a way of coming full circle into a discovery that began with Lorca and for which he has stood with certain others as a guide and constant fellow-traveler."

Jerome Rothenberg

Jerome Rothenberg


“Lorca’s Journals”

Jerome Rothenberg


„Lorcas Tagebücher“
übersetzt von Norbert Lange

––Admit it, Zoroaster, you’re no star.
Satan turned back & looked at him,  then turned back twice & looked again.
In fact he looked a little like an octopus.
––Who did?
  Satan, the way he stood in space, his arms stretched out beyond the sky, refracted like a palm tree in the water, like a rose, a flower drawn up by the wind & planted gently in the Mediterranean.
––This one has no limits.
  But a palm tree by the Mediterranean is just another palm tree.
––Admit it, Zoroaster, you’re no star.
––Fuck you, you lousy octopus.

–Sag schon, Zoroaster, du bist kein Stern.
Satan drehte sich &  schaute ihn an, drehte dann sich  zwei Mal & schaute wieder. Eigentlich sah er ein wenig aus wie ein Tintenfisch.
–Wer hat?
Satan, so wie er im Raum stand, seine Arme weiter ausgestreckt als der Himmel, brach sich wie eine Palme im Wasser, einer Rose gleich, wie eine Blume, aufgehoben vom Wind & behutsam gepflanzt ins Mittelmeer.
–Der hier ist ohne Grenzen.
Doch eine Palme am Mittelmeer ist nur eine Palme mehr.
–Sag schon, Zoroaster, du bist kein Stern.
–Fick dich, lausiger Tintenfisch.

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